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Mom hugging adult son at beach No matter how many times I tried to tell him otherwise, he told me that his problems were special and unique. Alcohol was helping him, he’d say. If he stopped, the wheels would really come off. I finally decided that we both needed to take that risk. Joel couldn’t live the rest of his life under the shadow of the bottle. I’m not going to tell my son how to live his life, but I’m certainly not going to sit back and watch him act as if his life wasn’t worth living. I knew nothing about addiction treatment, let alone an inpatient treatment facility. I could Google “addiction recovery” with the best of them, but I didn’t know what would be best for my son. I read countless testimonials online and wrote down just about every treatment method imaginable. Intense outpatient treatment was about the only thing Joel would “sort of” agree to, but I felt like that would benefit him later down the road, not when he was most suffering. When I came across A Better Today , I immediately felt something click. I can’t even fully explain it, but as I browsed all of their services and methods, I felt relief washing over me. All of the Frequently Asked Questions were the exact same questions that I had for my son. “Why can’t he just stop drinking?” “Have I supported or enabled his problem?” “When happens if he relapses after treatment?” I came to understand that alcoholism is very much a family disease. My own work was suffering because I had zero peace of mind when it came to Joel.

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